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Giclée Prints

Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) refers to both a category of collectible fine art, as well as a type of digitally created fine art print. Not every digital print is a Giclée. Only digital prints that are created using special high-resolution printers, archival inks and media, and strict printmaking standards can be truly marketed as Giclée prints. These fine art reproductions are laboratory rated to provide several decades, if not a century or more of lasting print quality.
Museums throughout the world including the Louvre use Giclée prints to substitute works of art too fragile to be exhibited to the public. New York’s Metropolitan Museum, the Guggenheim and the National Museum of Mexico all proudly display Giclées as part of their collections.
Each image begins with a digital scan of either the original artwork or a professionally photographed digital image. The artist is directly involved with the proofing process to approve image and color quality. Images are then sent directly to a high resolution inkjet printer. The technology provides incredible detail and brilliant color on surfaces such as fine art cotton rag paper and fine art canvas.
It is recommended that customers treat their Giclée prints the same as if they were original works of art. It is advisable, for instance, to display art on paper under glass, and to never expose any type of art work to prolonged direct sunlight.
Please call with any questions regarding the printing process. All of the Giclée prints listed here can also be printed on canvas. Please call to arrange for special sizes or other paper choices. Prices will vary depending on size and material requested.