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Oil Paintings & Fine Art Giclée Prints

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What a stunning painting!!!! I love it soooooo much!!! And you’re right about the frame. It is perfect!! Thank you so much! Love, love, love it!!!
It brings me so
much joy!!!

P. Knight

I have admired Jim’s work from afar for a while. I grew up in Encinitas and moved away in the 90ties. My wife and I just got back from our anniversary trip out there and knew we needed to have one of Jim’s pieces to commemorate the trip. We purchased two! They arrived perfect and within ten minutes of unpacking, they were on the wall. I will enjoy these for a long time. Thank you Jim!

Eric B.

Hi Jim!
We finally finished our room and here is the wall where your painting is hanging. We absolutely love it. We will be gazing upon it for years to come. Thank you for creating such beautiful art!
Many regards,

Kate D.

Hi Jim. Your Giclée print looks fantastic in my new addition! It arrived safe and sound for it was packed with the utmost care.

Thanks very much!

Leslie  P.

My son came back for the Holiday break from Princeton.  He confessed that he was a little homesick at times. I showed him the Encinitas/Moonlight Painting and I saw his eyes light up. He is going to put it up in his dorm room when he gets back.
That might not be the most glamorous place your Artwork is hanging, but in my book, it is one of the most important.
Thank you for making my Son's day and mine.

Jeffrey R

Aloha Mr. McConlogue,

I picked up one of your info cards at church last night. I have admired your painting that hangs in the hallway there for weeks (with the vineyard and big beautiful eucalyptus trees) and am blown away by your other works displayed on your website – especially all the ones of the coast. Your approach of “loose but accurate” is exactly what draws me to art, because a painting becomes dreamy and representative at the same time.

Trevor G

These are so exceptional . . . I haven't been so excited in a long while. We absolutely love this series of downtown icons. 
Thanks Jim!

Dody C

Dallas and I are so excited about our purchase of your painting "San Jose del Cabo." We can't wait to receive it.  It will hang in our den, which is where we hang out. We will be able to enjoy the peace and serenity the painting offers every day. Your art work is beautiful. We hope to purchase a couple more pieces in the future.

Dallas & Jeri T

Dear Jim,
You are a wonderful artist. It was hard choosing amongst your paintings at the gallery but we're so happy with "All in a row." It's a thrill driving by the "row" off 101 and now we can come home to yours.  

Kim & Tony B

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“I am drawn by the challenge of painting in oils and strive to
loosely yet accurately capture the beauty I see. 
I consider myself a representational painter,
but one that is not afraid to show the unique character of oil paints.
Both thick and thin passages of oil combine to make
a statement of immediacy and confident brushwork.  
Each painting tells a story, and it is my goal to bring the viewer into
that story– to give them not only a sense of the place, but also
an experience of the time, energy, and beauty of that place.”